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Walk 7 Ashby Folville and Twyford

Beautiful Leicestershire! Hills and fields, a pleasant meandering stream (Gaddesby Brook), two pretty villages and a lovely church in Ashby Folville.

Pargetting on a cottage in Ashby Folville

Pargetting on a cottage in Ashby Folville

The map shows some old fish ponds next to the Manor House, and the whole village of Ashby Folville has a feeling of still being part of a Manor, with its long tree-lined drive heading towards the pub, and impressive wide “tile topped” brick wall round the Manor, and dramatically big houses. We pass the lovely Church and the converted stables which must have been part of Folville Manor at some time. Major Smith-Carrington leads walks round the village from time to time. The V.S.C.C Vintage car meetings are held at The Carrington Arms on the second Tuesday in the month, when you can expect cars to the value of several million pounds to be parked in the car park, in the road, and in an adjacent field . Last time we went, there was a newly built Buggati in the car park on which a cool £250,000 had just been spent.

The written description and map is a .pdf file which you can print and take with you on the walk.

Download walk 7 here  (.pdf file 300kb)

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