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Roles and Structure

The LFA is an organisation of volunteers dedicated to the preservation, restoration and enhancement of Leicestershire's public footpaths.  We strive to protect the publics rights to enjoy the freedom of movement amongst Leicestershire's unique and beautiful countryside.

We encourage others to enjoy the benefits of Leicestershire's public footpaths and to help us maintain them; by reporting any issues you may come across while you explore. 


The Committee

The Committee is a group of volunteers responsible managing:
1) Footpath Preservation
2) Charity Commission Trustees
3) LFA Membership
4) Finance
5) The Leicestershire Round
6) The LFA Walk Programme

The Members

Members of the LFA contribute towards the wellbeing of Leicestershire's footpaths as well as organising and leading walks for other members on a weekly basis.

Walk Organisers

The role function is to liaise with the groups walkers, keeping them informed of any relevant news. Formulate a list of walk leaders against dates to compose the Walks Programme. Advertise and maintain the walk programme on the LFA website and by other appropriatemeans.
Forward any concerns/ suggestions walkers may have to the committee for discussion.

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