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Wardens Report on section 3

Ken B carried out an inspection of his section of the Leicestershire Round, Burrough Hill section 3, on Thursday 28th February 2013. The weather was dry and sunny. Some fields had dried out nicely so no claggy mud on the boots but other places were still very wet.


Before setting of he had decided to follow the route from the book. Using only the text, having made a copy for notes and in case the weather was bad to save the book from damage. He also looked at the LCC website for updates on section 3 and noted three issues. He had a small stock of the Round stickers to place on existing waymark arrows.

Using the text and evidence on the ground the route was easy to locate except for two minor issues. The track walked was recorded with a GPS device. On later inspection it was found that he had occasionally strayed only a little from the Definitive line.

The stiles, gates and waymarks were noted to be clear of vegetation, the main issue was failure of cross field path re-instatement.

A few issues have been reported to LCC with a copy to Clive. The section from Ashby Folville to Thorpe Satchville had no Round markers on the waymark arrows and this has been rectified.

Reports from LFA groups indicate that The Fox at Thorpe Satchville has closed. There is a shop at Somerby, to the left as the route crosses the main street.


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