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Tuesday Walk- Launde Abbey

Thanks to Tony & Val W for a very different start point-Launde Abbey.There is no other way of organising a 5 to 6 mile walk, with all the facilities, in these beautiful rolling green hills of Leicestershire. The walk was neatly slotted into the sunshine between the rainy parts of the day which added to everyone’s enjoyment. Val’s ”Injury Squad” had a stroll round the grounds and Abbey. They approved the morning coffee between times.I think they chatted a bit too. We all joined together for an excellent quality, simple lunch in the tasteful refurbished surroundings.Beer and wine was available. Afterwards we had a pleasurable tour (guided by Val)of the rooms and chapel. Launde Abbey is now open to the public for morning coffee, lunch and afternoon teas. If taking a sizeable group it is necessary to pre-arrange with the Abbey. You won’t be disappointed.

Look son - LFA

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