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Tuesday 16th Lubenham


On a  beautiful summer’s day  about 37 ‘Long’ and ‘Short’walkers passing near the Judith Stone approaching East Farndon. Several wheat fields had been cut since the pre-walk but luckily none had been ploughed

IMG_4582 - Copy

We had a carefully picked ‘coffee stop’ with a tree for shade . At this point we are on the Jurasic Way.        If you look at the circled figures you will recognise our new twin Obstruction Secretaries- Simon and Barbara. Simon is examining a dangerous rabbit hole …..I think, while Barbara— takes notes ?     The 5.8 mile walk continued on to Marston Trussell  Church and across the Lubenham Hall parkland back into Lubenham. The walk was mostly in Northampton shire  – noticeable for the lack of yellow posts


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