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Ted & Betty’s walk 3rd January 2012

The walk started well, I got man flu, but arrived at pub 09.15, as arranged. Pub not open.

Ted & Betty's walk 3rd January 2012

Ted & Betty's walk 3rd January 2012

Wind gusting to 300 MPH.

Rain slinging it down.

09.35 pub opened, 24 eager walkers entered conference room for discussion. Vote taken, —— forget the walk bring forward the lunch to 12.15, retire to a local coffee shop, and return for a bite. Some one looked out of the window. It’s fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote ignored, all but Ted Betty Audrey and Joe disappeared to do their own thing skipping, thro’ the puddles, shouting, “see you at 12.15” . Ted Betty Audrey and Joe went for a coffee. Good lunch. Half way thro’, another bunch arrived. They were LFA Tuesday long walkers. Who had decided to brave the elements, and were 7 miles into their swim, and had called in for a pit stop. As I said good meal, followed by free coffee. I got lumbered with repeating the walk 21.02 12 as some one is indisposed.

Bet no one turns up!!!!!

Our esteemed web master has supplied the following rider to this report.

Two men killed as100mph gales lashed the UK, causing power cuts and other damage, but in Leicestershire a group of intrepid walkers from the Leicestershire footpath association braved the elements to enjoy a coffee, lunch, and walk from Newtown Linford. No injuries reported. No one missing (it was pointed out however that as the group were all senior citizens a 10% loss was allowed) but one lady did suffer minor splash damage to her coffee flask when  failing to negotiate a raging puddle around 1 cm deep. There will be a collection at the Brickmaker’s arms Thornton before next Tuesday’s walk to help her rectify the damage.


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