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Summer programme of walks

Get ready for summer in the countryside, 140 different walks of 4 to 10 miles starting at 77 different locations across Leicestershire, potentially an opportunity to walk 965 miles.

The Leicestershire Footpath Association’s Summer Rambles programme starts on Wednesday 13th April and is available here. A card copy will soon be dropping through the letter boxes of our members.

With walks on four days every week and five days some weeks we offer a staggering 140 walks for summer 2011. This must make us the most active walking group in the country. We are able to offer such a wide choice of walks because 93 of our 450 members have volunteered to lead them. Thirty kind souls are leading more than one walk and our recently appointed Chairman has taken on five. We are grateful to the generosity of them all for spending time to devise and pre-walk such a splendid programme.

As can be seen from the map below the rambles are well spread throughout Leicestershire starting at 77 different locations. Some villages have more than one walk which may show up as multiple rings on the map.

Wherever you enjoy a walk be it Asfordby or Welford, Allexton or Swannington, the Leicestershire Footpath Association invites you to join us soon. See the map below showing start points throughout Leicestershire.

Leicestershire Footpath Association ramble start points summer 2011

Leicestershire Footpath Association ramble start points summer 2011


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