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Shorter Walks?

Short Walks

Have you stopped walking with the LFA midweek because the distance is too long, the terrain too hilly, the pace is too fast or there are too many stiles? I am a Tuesday walker and have noticed recently that several people have stopped walking with us  for one or more of  these reasons. I brought this up at the AGM and it was agreed that it would be good to be able  to offer alternative short walks of an easy nature, say 2-3 miles, on some of our normal midweek walks.

This would entail somebody from each of the three midweek walking days contacting those leading in the next few weeks to see if they can suggest an alternative short walk for those, who for whatever reason, can no longer manage to walk 5-6 miles. The people who had expressed an interest in a shorter easier walk would also need to be contacted.

How it is organised would be up to the leader on the day. It may be that everybody starts together and the short walkers take a shorter easier route back or return on the route they came. They could be provided with a map and some instructions and do a completely different walk. Where there are two leaders, one might be able to lead the short walk. At some venues eg: Newtown Linford or Thornton, the short walk is obvious  and the group  could sort themselves out! The printed Parish Walks often provide a short walk as well as the longer ones we sometimes use. If the short walkers met with everyone else and ordered their meal, then even if they walk completely separately, they will be walking and will be able to meet the other walkers in the pub afterwards.

I am prepared to contact leaders and walkers for Tuesdays. Is there a need for this on Wednesday and Thursday? Apart from one person the people who gave me their names at the AGM were all Tuesday walkers. If you feel there is a need then maybe someone could volunteer to do the job for their walking day.

If anyone reading this is no longer walking with the LFA but would be interested in a short walk on a midweek morning, then please contact me,

Val White  0116 2101702  or  valtone(at)ntlworld(dot)com please retype

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