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Shackerstone Tuesday 28th October

A summer day in October set the stage for our walk. We made use of the recently provided diversion to get round the long running Shackerstone railway footbridge saga. Thanks to the Crown Estates and L.C.C..


Diversion round station footbridge

The route took us to Carlton, Barton-in-the Beans and Odstone Hall . We took a break  just beyond Carlton and the photo shows the summer clothing and the long shadows just before mid-day.Apparently it was 19C


Cooling Off

A reported obstruction on footpath S89, which is hopefully to be dealt with,  caused us to trespass by climbing over the fence and back again 20 yards further on.

Shackerston footbridge diversion

Can You See It?

This is just 50 yards off Barton main Street and others have obviously been hopping over the fence for some time. My observation is that, in general, footpaths between fences rapidly become overgrown.

It was a much enjoyed walk by all,including the leader and The Rising Sun had some good value meals.


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