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Shackerstone Station Footbridge

Members will recall this footbridge was deemed unsafe by the County Council and the first temporary closure order was issued on the 15th December, 2011.  The Railway Trust who were deemed responsible for the repairs have always stated there was insufficient funds to carry out the repairs.  A series of further closure orders followed.  Last year the County Council obtained a Magistrates’ Court order  for the Railway Trust to carry out the necessary repairs and for this work to be concluded in April 2018.  It is now necessary to check the situation on the ground.  If any member is walking near the station towards the end of April, would you mind checking the situation on the ground and report your findings back to our Secretary either by email or telephone.  In the event of the work not being done, it will be necessary  for our Secretary to contact the County Council to ascertain the next legal action.

For those walking the Leicestershire Round, the diversion below has been agreed by the County Council with a local landowner.  This should be clearly marked on the ground.  At page 102 in the new Leicestershire Round booklet the diversion is mentioned and indicated on the map on page 100.

Temporary diversion of S68 at Shackerstone station

Temporary diversion of S68 at Shackerstone station


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