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Shackerstone Station footbridge

It is disappointing to report the station footbridge remains out of use.  The Railway Trust having failed to comply with a Magistrates’ Court order for the repairs to be concluded by April of this year.  Our secretary is in correspondence with the rights of way team at County Hall who wait legal advice on how to proceed. The first temporary closure order was made on the 15th December, 2011 and the problem of repairing the footbridge does revolve over financial resources being made available to restore the footbridge in a safe manner.

Our Association is concerned over the length of time being taken to rectify the dangerous station bridge.  Fortunately the County Council did obtain a temporary permissive route for walkers on the Leicestershire Round to bypass the station.  It is important to remain positive and further legal proceedings to follow, will hopefully find a resolution to the long standing problem.

I would like to thank those people who have emailed reports to our Association on the situation on the ground concerning the footbridge remaining closed.


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