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Permissive Paths – possible end of public access

The Leicestershire Local Access Forum is alerting the public and Parish Councils to grant-aided walking and riding routes which may be withdrawn as Government funding for them comes to an end. The Forum is urging people to enjoy these opportunities while they can and encouraging parish councils to take an active interest in their future. If landowners see people using them responsibly they are more likely to keep them open.

There are over 65 of these time-limited extra paths or access areas in the county. Full details are on the web at:

Landowners have created these permissive routes in exchange for public money via various agri-environment schemes, such as Higher Level Stewardship. On-going funding for access schemes has now ended. Some sites have already expired but others will last until various dates up to 2020. Most sites last only 10 years so are not on Ordnance Survey maps. Some are widely publicised but others are little known.

The Access Forum is suggesting that, where landowners have permissive access schemes which are due to end, local Parish Councils might talk with them about on-going informal access or even possibly enter into a permissive path agreement.

LFA say if you use one of the following paths please let us know. Nearest Place Name / LocationExpires Asfordby Asfordby Farm (Welby Grange)2018Ashby de la Zouch Wood Farm2013Barwell Odd House Farm2017Bottesford Castle View Farm2019Brentingby Hall Farm2020Brooksby Land near Brooksby Melton College2019Broughton Astley Oak Lodge Farm (Site A)2016Buckminster Buckminster (C)2020Burton Lazars Chestnut Farm2013Burton on the Wolds Prestwold Hall (D)2019Cold Overton Land at Cold Overton (Stone House Farm)2017Cotes, Loughborough Prestwold Hall (A + B + C)2019Countesthorpe Countesthorpe Meadows2013Croxton Kerrial Highfields Farm2019Frisby on the Wreake Frisby Marsh2012Great Easton Great Easton Pastures2014Great Easton Manor Farm (Nr Caldecott)2013Great Easton Rectory Farm2012Hallaton Hallaton Motte and Bailey2019Hathem Oakley Grange Farm2019Hathem Oakley Grange Farm (Site 2)2020Hoton Prestwold Hall (E); Prestwold Hall (F)2019Houghton on the Hill Stoughton Estate (D); Stoughton Estate (E)2020Kibworth Beauchamp Beauchamp Grange Farm2017Kibworth Harcourt Paddocks Farm2020Launde Launde Abbey (Hill Farm)2019Leicester Aylestone Open Access2019Little Dalby, nr Somerby Home Farm2018Little Stretton Stoughton Estate (F); Stoughton Estate (G)2020Loddington Hall Farm A; Hall Farm B2020Long Clawson Break Hills (Hilltop Farm)2019Long Whatton Manor Farm2016Lutterworth Burbage Farms Site2020Marefield Nr John O’Gaunt Covert (Sludge Hall Farm)2014Muston Muston Meadows2020Nailstone Park Farm2012Newtown Linford Jelley Farms (A)2019Oadby Stoughton Estate (A); Stoughton Estate (B);2020Owston Manor Farm2017Ratcliffe Culey Ratcliffe House Farm (site A)2017Saddington Saddington Reservoir2012Saxelbye Saxelbye to Saxelbye Wood2020Shangton Washbrooks Farm2010Sheepy Magna Ratcliffe House Farm (site B)2017Snarestone Beanfield Farm2017Sproxton Buckminster (B)2020Stonesby Buckminster (A)2020Stoney Stanton Highgate Lodge Farm2017Stoughton / Thumby Stoughton Estate (C);2020Swinford Cave House B2012Thuriaston Greens Lodge2019Thuriaston Hoefields Farm2018Thumby Jelley Farms (B)2019Tilton On The Hill Sludge Hall Farm2014Tur Langton Tur Langton to Stonton Wyville (O’Sullivan Farms)2019Ullesthorpe Lodge Farm2017UHesthorpe Manor Farm2012Ullesthorpe Oak Lodge Farm (Site B)2016Welham Valley Farm2012Witherley Witherley Mill2012Wymondham Wymondham Paths (C)2020


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