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November 3rd just before Lockdown – Again

A small Covid compliant group

One of several small groups, who formed when the rule of 6 was introduced, are seen here enjoying their last walk for a while on the return to Gumley via Gumley Wood. This group initiated by Rick has changed slightly, necessitated by localised restrictions. The photo shows David, Andy, Andy’s cuddly toy on Pat’s shoulder and John (photo Neil). Others rotating, Graham ,Angela and Allan. Every Tuesday we have readily found a leader who knows a walk or two and can read a map. Some of our favourite pubs had re-opened to small groups and we have enjoyed several lunches and/or beers. If we had the Rain Trophy to hand I think Andy would have won it last week on the walk from Billesdon. Apart from that the weather has been pretty good.

If any other groups have a photograph of their walks and a short piece to go with it, I would be happy to put it on the web site. My e mail address is now .


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