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Message from your President

Now in the fourth week of lock down following the Covid-19 outbreak, I hope all our members are able to exercise locally and enjoy the wonderful sunny weather in April 2020. I live reasonably close to Victoria Park and I incorporate the park in a 45 minute circular walk most days. Unfortunately the motor engine to our lift has failed and on completing my walk I have 53 steps to climb to my flat front door.

The lock down brings to mind the year 2001 when Foot and Mouth disease disrupted our walking programme. As long as you avoided fields, use could be made of canal tow paths, country and local parks. There was of course no restrictions on travel, social distancing, enjoying live entertainment, eating out at public houses and other eating establishments. These type of restrictions are making it particularly difficult for all of us to come to terms with in 2020. Skype and Face Time enable us to link up with friends and families reducing isolation to a degree. You must miss hugs and social embraces.

We know at sometime soon some restrictions will be relaxed and good times will return. I send my best wishes to you all and remind you to stay safe and look forward to better times.

I conclude by attaching a picture message displayed on our communal lawn from two of my grand children. This gesture was very much appreciated by my wife and myself.

Grand-childrens message

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