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Long Walk from Cropston 10.04.2019

viewing the oldest oak

The oldest oak tree

Many thanks to Chris Bancroft for leading this lovely walk. He used many paths that were new to the lots of the twenty five walkers that enjoyed the good weather and sites of historical interest.

We were warmly welcomed by this great poem at the start  which introduced us to the mornings walk. Chris is famous for his poems that he often starts with when he leads his walks, thanks again.


Welcome to this walk today

I did this work out in the rain

so I hope I don’t get wet again

I have for you a very good route

with points of interest I hope will suit.

We’ll take the track on to Bradgate

where the famous ruins and deer  park await                                                                    

old packhorse bridge

                                                          But this will not be our main             Country Park today

We’ll visit another via Ausfey way.

It is to the Castle Hill Country Park we will go

where an ancient oak puts on a show.

The Castle Hill earthworks here are found

And we will walk to the top of the mound.

In fact there was never a castle at this site

An enclosed monastic farm would be right.

Some packhorse bridges are over the Rothley Brook

                                                                                                          The date from medieval times and                                                                                                               we will take a look.

pack horse bridge

So the walk today is about seven     and a half miles

When you have crossed over two,     there no more stiles 

And when we return to the Bradgate Arms

I hope you’ve enjoyed this walk and its charms.


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