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Leicestershire Short Walks – 21

Bruntingthorpe to Peatling Magna and Willoughby Waterleys 6 miles (10km)

© Copyright Ian Rob

Leicestershire Round leaves Willoughby Waterleys © Copyright Ian Rob

Bruntingthorpe to Peatling Magna 2 miles, beside the stream. Peatling Magna to WilloughbyWa terleys 1 and a half miles on headland paths in flat arable country. Willoughby to Peatling 2 miles through well waymarked pasture fields. Peatling to Bruntingthorpe 1 and a quarter miles over interesting little fields.

In Peatling Parva on the path which leads from opposite the church to the back of the hall you can see llamas in the field. All the villages have lovely buildings.

Please read the introduction to the original book updated for the web published walks.

The written description and map is a .pdf file which you can print and take with you on the walk.

Download walk 21 here  (.pdf file 200kb)

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