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Leicestershire Round – A quirky look

A page from the tale

A page from the tale

In July 2012 my friend Carolyn and myself were walking with our rambling friends, when we saw a sign for the ‘Leicestershire Round’. Carolyn said “I have wanted to do that for 20 years.”

My reaction was “then lets do it.”

We started on 20th July 2012 and finished on 20th October 2013.

These pages chronicle our progress, in rain, mud, sunshine – you name it. But what fun we had. Some friends came with us along the way, but mainly we did it ourselves. It took some organising – most of the time we had to take two cars to the beginning and the end which meant we had to work out in advance how far we thought we could walk in one go. We got it wrong sometimes, as some stretches were harder than we thought – especially the hilly high bits at the beginning.

On the front page are the original books that Carolyn bought back in 1983, which start the walk at Burrough Hill. On the back is the new book that I bought in 2012. We used the new book as our guide, starting and finishing at the entrance to Bradgate Park in Newtown Linford.

We hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed walking and putting this book together as our everlasting memory.

Sue and Carolyn  September 2014

View Sue and Carolyn’s adventures here

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