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Heartfelt thanks

Dear Brian

I am Mary Hodgkin’s daughter. Since the bench was installed in 2005 various family members have visited it at least annually, armed with cloths and linseed oil. Usually we have made the trip (from Devon, Somerset and Norfolk) in the spring, but this year’s trip was delayed until yesterday. Imagine our surprise and delight to find it in pristine condition, varnished (evidently with many coats) and in no need of linseed oil. 

Sue on her mother's seat near Gumley

Sue on her mother's seat near Gumley

I checked your website to find a lovely picture of Jim and a note about the refurbishment. Could you please pass on our heartfelt thanks to Jim and give our best wishes to all members who knew my Mum – Heather, Mary E and everyone else who knew her. I don’t know whether any of them are on email, but I’d be happy to have my email address passed on to anyone who would like contact. I have attached pictures of my son and myself sitting on the bench. Having had lunch, as has become traditional, at the Bell in Gumley (under new, better, management we noted) we walked a circular route to Foxton locks and back to Gumley. We are both keen walkers and I have completed several LDWA challenge walks in the last few years. Must run in the family. For anyone who knew my Mum’s brother, Phil, I can report that he is fairly well, though unable to walk more than about 5 miles now, being 88. Best wishes to LFA Sue


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