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Frisby Lakes

Member D.W. has sent me details of a circular walk he has been doing during the lockdown. In his words  “The walk is around Frisby Lakes, Frisby on the Wreake. The lakes are a result of sand and gravel excavation and used as part of the river wreake flood overspill and surrounded by a flood defence bank. For a number of years the route was a permissive path until the surrounding land was sold and permission withdrawn, resulting after many years in a public enquiry, which fortunately granted the appeal and the footpath was reinstated as a right of way. The LFA supported the appeal. Photo 1 is taken from the defence bank.

Frisby Lakes

Photo 2 shows an obstruction we encountered, sitting in the shade on the defence bank and clearly weren’t in the mood to move. We clambered down the banking to get around them”.

sheep resting on line of footpath

D.W. is interested in any walks being done by other members during the lock down.  It is hoped this posting will encourage other members to have posted on the website details of their walks supported by photographs and a little narrative.  This would be away of keeping in touch with the membership during the difficult times of the coronavirus. It is appreciated not all members live in the countryside and urban walks may be the only option for some. If this initiative put forward by D.W. attracts your interest then submit your walks to the president at  Your identity will be protected in that only your initials will be used.


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