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Footpath maintenance in neighbouring County

On a recent Saturday walk in Rutland between Pilton and Wing (footpath E260) we were pleased to see a new footpath sign post had been erected just outside Pilton and two cross field paths had been cleared in a rape field and a corn field.  This did not happen by accident because on the pre-walk these problems were encountered and reported to Rutland CC.  Very many thanks to the Council for erecting the footpath sign post and arranging with farmers to have the way through the crops cleared.

In the village of Wing we visited the maze and also the Veranda Café at Wing Hall where refreshments can be obtained.

It is important for walk leaders to do a pre-walk in advance of the main walk to identity any problems which can be reported to the obstruction secretary.  A report can then be made to the appropriate Council for action to be taken before the main walk takes place.

Brian Jenkinson, (Hon Secretary to LFA)


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