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Fireservice marathon walk on Leicestershire Round

James Stretton sent us this picture of the firemen’s marathon walk of the Round.  They did 3 sessions of 40 miles and 1 of 30…starting at crack of dawn each day and being fed at the end of the day by fellow firemen. James said

Leicestershire Round in three days

Leicestershire Round in three days

Good morning Heather

Well we completed it late last night at 8pm

I’ve very sore feet this morning with blisters upon blisters, we completed it and the weather was awful at times, hail, strong winds and heavy rain.

I need to contact whoever is in charge of the area near Sharnford as a Leicester round badge (waymark) points the wrong direction over a overgrown bridge. (Send your report to , webmaster)

It’s time to put my feet up today and enjoy a long earned rest.

The book was fantastic and really easy to follow, it now looks well used, I managed to get us lost only once each day.


James Stretton


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