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Daffodils dejected in April 2012

It was almost 10 o`clock on April 4th and 13 walkers (was this a bad omen?) were assembled in the cold and pouring rain at the Rose & Crown, Tilton. The usual walk description was given along with the opportunity to cancel, but as by now everyone was already soaked we decided to continue. On our way down Main Street and past the church, a long bank of daffodils was on our right which three days earlier on our pre-walk had looked magnificent especially has it had been a nice sunny day, but they now looked very dejected as did most of the walkers.Two miles into the walk heading towards Skeffington the weather took a turn for the worse (if that was possible) with sleet and cross winds, but by now there was no turning back because, as we know when the walking gets tough the walkers get going, well it couldn`t get worse could it? Well it could and it did! the sleet turned to wet freezing snow and the wind got stronger. We were by now almost halfway round with frozen hands and faces and soggy gloves, when, through the snow we spotted our first bit of luck an empty barn close to Skeffington. We all piled in to enjoy a well earned break in the dry with nice hot cups of coffee and wringing out of gloves. It wasn’t easy getting people motivated to leave as the snow and wind had not improved, however, it was a case of quite literally onwards and upwards for the remainder of the walk. As we passed the bank of daffodils again on our return they now looked even worse, like us, with heads bowed under the weight of wet snow. We arrived back at the pub at 12.15PM in record time, but with still no improvement in the weather. It wasn’t pleasant getting changed outside the pub in the sleet with hardly any cover. But, however once inside we got warm and dry by the radiators. In the end despite the awful weather, after ordering our drinks our meals arrived in good time and were much appreciated by everyone. In the end I think a good time was had by all, which hopefully will not be repeated again on future walks.

Many thanks to everyone who despite the conditions turned up for this walk which I`m sure we will all remember for quite sometime!

Roger W


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