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Comments received from the Wilkes family on the Leicestershire Round

Walking part of the Leicestershire Round from Sileby to Withcote Hall. Leicestershire seems to keep the paths in very good order.  We did not like the crossing of the A46. It is true we only had to wait a few minutes for a gap but the traffic is so fast that it would be easy to misjudge especially in poor weather. A bridge should be provided. Walkers always get left out of road plans. South of the A46 there was a section which needed clearing as there was a fallen tree.

At SK 774 125 north of Somerby we were confused by the signs as one sign seemed to be pointing us to Little Dalby. We found quite a few fields where the path had been ploughed out. Often it was easy to use the headland as this was a high quality grass walking surface. However, I think that should be formalised. In other fields one had to cross the ploughed surface. This was easy enough as it had been well harrowed. However, this might put people off using the path and it also means that the crop gets more damage from walkers as it is not clear where to go. Nevertheless, despite these points, we thought the paths were very good.

Further comments on linear walks related to walkers making use of local buses.  Bus services are under threat and increased usage of them might secure many bus routes.


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