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Claim for right of way at Thorpe Langton

Members are asked if they can help in completing a user evidence form for a section of the Leicestershire Round at Thorpe Langton which is not shown on the Definitive Map as a public right of way.  Leicestershire County Council have requested twenty users of the section to complete a claim form, claiming unchallenged use of the section for the last twenty years or more.

The section concerned is at the western end of footpath A74 which passes in front of the church and terminates at the lane opposite Top Farm.  Walkers then turn south down the lane to join footpath A75 taking you to East Langton.  It is the section of the lane which is not recorded as a definitive right of way.  If you are able to help, please contact the secretary who will supply you with the relevant evidence form for completion.


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