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Children in need walk on Friday

On a favourable day for walking the section of the Leicestershire Round from Foxton village to Bruntingthorpe, the take up by the public was disappointing.  A representative from Radio Leicester did a live broadcast at Foxton village hall and walked with LFA members of the Tuesday group to Shearsby.  Parked outside the village public house were some vintage cars, a Morgan Nash (1923 year) with a Riley behind. The owner ofa 1934 Vauxhall, kindly gave a lift to the reporter back to Foxton.  This first picture is of our group at a “kissing gate” just short of Saddington.

What is most noticeable about the walk is the number of old stiles which have disappeared and  have been replaced by gates. Thus making progress along the route so much easier. In the fields to the south of Fleckney, contractors are in the process of building many new homes which will impact on the Leicestershire Round.

On arriving at Shearsby, our first port of call was the public house which is open on a Friday lunch time.  Refreshment taken our walk continued after viewing once again the vintage cars.


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