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Autumn 2009 – Newsletter

Thank you Leicestershire County Council. If you have recently walked the Leicestershire Round between Burrough Hill and Somerby you will have welcomed the newly built steps at Punch Bowl.

Footpath Rambles In Leicestershire: Footpath Rambles In Leicestershire: A Complete Ramblers Guide (1943) by Alfred L Cook is now available from ‘Reprint’ of Loughborough at £6.00.

Compiled in 1943, this book sought to offer relief from the turmoil and upheaval of life in the Second World War with a series of 20 walks around the Leicestershire countryside. Each walk is illustrated with a sketch map, and detailed directions are given along with a description of the areas the walk passes through.

Even though produced during a time of conflict, this book gives a charming insight into a rural world which was soon to change beyond recognition.

An Alfred L (Lewis) Cook was born in 1880 at 7, Berners Street, his father Alfred T Cook was a Hosiery Manufacturer aged 30. At 21 Alfred L was an Assistant Hosiery Warehouse (man) and living with his parents at East Dean, Desford, by now his father had retired, aged 50. At 31 Alfred L probably married Alice Fox, a farmers daughter of Desford and by 1928 they had settled into The Gables, Desford where he resided for many years. He may or may not have been a member of the LFA but also living in Desford at Sunbreak was Alderman William Heycock Rippin, President of LFA from 1912 and 1st President of the Ramblers Association in 1931. Desford it would appear was the heart of the all things walking. I am told by the Desford & District Local History Society that Sunbreak on Little Lane and East Dean on Church Lane still stand but The Gables on Station Road is threatened with demolition for development.

This site, says the owner Mike, is not actively maintained, due to lack of time mainly, but he’s got no plans to drop ‘ownership’ of the domain. So, in effect the ‘’ location is as everlasting as any private web site!

Mike has offered that if any LFA member would like to take over the maintenance of the site he says “that’s something we could talk about – I’m certainly happy to keep up the hosting charges.”

Do we have a volunteer to keep this site updated? Offers to Ken please.

Leicestershire Round. Footpaths & Leicestershire Round on the Radio

You may have listened to Chris Baxter (Radio Leicester presenter) who recently walked the Leicestershire Round. Each weekday commencing on Monday, 27th July, for two weeks, he described his walk ie. places visited, people met etc. and commentary on the walk features.

Ed. If you missed the broadcasts you can listen again at: Chris interviewed Councillor Ernie White who is the cabinet member for better places. Councillor White will also soon be walking the Round to raise money for the Marie Curie Foundation.

Councillor White said some £50,000 has been spent on footpaths in the County during the last financial year. He welcomes members of the public advising County Hall of problems on footpaths so that they can be remedied.

Dedication of footpath J95(Part) at Sandhills Lodge, Parishes of Ulverscroft & Newtown Linford.

Members will be pleased to learn of a new section of a right of way which is now open to the public in a particularly attractive area in our County. The County Council have now waymarked the footpath and installed the new type of gate we are now so familiar with when walking in the countryside. Following the endorsement at our Annual General Meeting in February to a contribution being made to waymarking etc., your committee have authorised a sum of three hundred pounds from club funds towards this project.

Access to this footpath may be obtained from the Leicestershire Round at the Northern most corner of Cover Wood (Grid Reference SK497104). At this point you will see from your map a footpath proceeding Northwards towards Sandhills Lodge. A new metal gate can clearly be seen whereby entrance is gained into Stinking Wood. The new section of right of way will take you through to Ulverscroft Lane. In the last field before Ulverscroft Lane, you may turn right and walk through to Newtown Linford Mill. At the Mill you can either continue into Newtown Linford or turn right and proceed back to Cover hill via the path taking you alongside John Lees Wood and thus rejoining the 

We have arranged on our Winter programme on Saturday 17th October 2009 for this new path to be walked by our members in conjunction with Leicester CHA.

Brian J

In line with our long tradition we continue to deposit correspondence etc. with the County records Office at Wigston where future generations can explore the activities of our Association. The following items have been submitted this year.

Minute book from November 1985 to September 2006 Annual Reports 2000 to 2008 inclusive Schedule of modification orders from October 2006 to February 2009 Documents relating to a Public Enquiry held at Woolsthorpe by Belvoir. Extinguishment of Highway Rights at “Walton Thorns Farm” Paudy Ln. Walton Gating of public footpath K55 at Loughborough Endowed Schools

The ‘Country Parks’ walking book proposed at the AGM is now progressing (slowly, of course). LCC Rights of Way department has been consulted at every stage and have been most supportive, helping with maps, information and advice.

The scripts, written ten years ago (when foot and mouth disease stopped all hopes of publication) and left to moulder on an old computer, have now been rescued and rewritten. 23 volunteers have taken scripts to foolproof, to bring up to date and correct any errors or ambiguities. When they return their improved versions I will rewrite and edit.

We have approached a publisher and have hopes to produce an attractive book for next year. If you have any good pictures which might be suitable for inclusion, please contact me. All contributions will be acknowledged. Heather McD

Act F.A.S.T. is a new national government campaign aimed at helping people to recognise the signs of stroke, and act to save lives and reduce the damage caused.

F ace Has their face fallen on one side? Can they smile?

A rms Can they raise both arms and keep them there?

S peech Is their speech slurred?

T ime Time to call 999 if you see any single one of these signs.

WISTOW by Mary E

Did these green, green fields Echo to the clip-clop of horses bearing willow Panniers overflowing with gifts and hope? Did the young prince come riding Under his standard of the ramping lion, in a yellow tabard Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle?

Was it here on the bridge of the little river Sence Where the trout turn and flick in the shadows? Was it here that he fell, by the wall, Crying out for his mother?

Or was it by the gate that blades found bone? Did the deer look up for a moment And did the tabard change to orange With the seep and creep of scarlet?

Perhaps it was here beneath the elms Where the rooks took flight as he howled. Or was the hurt too deep for howling? Did sinews recoil and bowels turn to water?

Was it quiet all night in the little church? Were there candles? Were mice surprised by their visitor? And when darkness muffled the trees Were the nightingales silent?


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The walk this Wednesday, 13th October, from Hungarton will now leave from the Black Boy Inn, Main Street (LE7 9QR) and NOT the Church. It will be possible (and is recommended) to pre-book lunch from

Wednesday Walks

The walk this Wednesday, 13th October, from Hungarton will now leave from the Black Boy Inn, Main Street (LE7 9QR) and NOT the Church. It will be possible (and is recommended) to pre-book lunch from

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